www.Paychekplus.com/Activate – Pay Paycheck Plus with Prism

www.Paychekplus.com/Activate – Hello there! So you just got a Paycheck Plus card and trying to figure it outright?

www.Paychekplus.com/Activate - Pay Paycheck Plus with Prism

www.Paychekplus.com/Activate – Pay Paycheck Plus with Prism

Or are you just a reader who went down the rabbit hole of the internet and landed here? If so then no need to worry, no matter how you got here.

All that matters is you are here so let’s make use of your fleeting attention effectively.

This article intends to direct you towards the Paychekcard activation. Now, are you wondering whether it will the tiring and boring steps that follow one after the other?

Well, don’t disappoint yourself thinking so for ain’t planning to do the same.

Why not stick with us to see if we are true to our word? We assure you that it will cost just a span of minutes to activate your Paycheck card if you manage to closely follow the instruction by us.

But before proceeding any further, ever wondered why to activate or even why to even apply for the same?  They have created this reward program, wherein the card enables its users to earn as they shop.

The pace at which Paychek Card operates and provides service for its customers is remarkable. Now, if you have a  and that is left conveniently unnoticed.

We should warn you dear friend that you are at the risk of making yourself vulnerable to someone stealing and activating the same themselves. Don’t stress out as activating these cards is as simple as using one.

So, let’s plunge into the business of how exactly Paychek card activation is done. To begin with, the happy news is that it can be done through two means.

Primarily through online mode which will cost only a matter of a minute. Secondly, through offline mode, this is also pretty straightforward. Down below is information that is intended to aid you in the process.


  • Initially,visit www.paycheck plus.comactivatecardtheofficialsite.
  • Next,enterthecredentialsthatareaskedfor
  • Andthenclickoncontinuebuttontoproceed
  • Loginintoyouraccountusingtheusernameandpasswordthatisexclusiveforyouraccount.
  • NowyouhadloginPaychek cardwithofficialsite.Thefollowingaccountactivitiescanexecutedsoonafteractivation.
  • Check statements
  • Make a payment
  • Signupforpaperlessstatements
  • Nextisaboutactivatingthesame.Thisrequirescertainprerequisitesthatarelisteddownbelow.


  • card number
  • social security number
  • Threedigitsecuritypin
  • Identification numbers.eisGovernmentissued
  • personal details


  • A paycheck Card comes with a lot of merits thereby adding color to your life.. This session deals with the fortunes that come alongside Paychek Cards. Why wait? Let’s dive to know further.
  • Cashback
  • Instant rewards
  • Safeandfastesttransaction
  • Discounts
  • Extra credits
  • Bonus
  • Special deals


The procedure for Paycheck cardactivationisoutlineddownbelow.Allonehavetodoiscloselyfollowthesteps.


Wehopethatinyourcomfort,youwillfindthesestepsofactivationtheeasiest. Soletusdiveinwithoutanydelay.

Activation of Paycheck Card Via Online

  • Visit the official site,www.paychekplus.comactivatecard.
  • The next step is to click on the ‘ Get Started’ option
  • Enter personal details which include full name, middle name, address, date of birth, and so on.
  • The next step is to enter details of your card, this includes card number, CVV number, card type so on and so forth.
  • Verify and double-check details entered
  • If prompted fill in your phone number and then tap on the ” Activate Card” option.
  • Once the above-mentioned steps are completed, then shortly you will receive notification regarding activation of your card.

Activation Paychek Card Via Phone Number

  • Just dial the Paycheck customer care number
  • Soon you will be connected to a Customer care executive or an automated audio system.
  • You will then be directed with prompts and instructions that you need to closely follow.
  • Upon asking provide personal details like name, date of birth, address, and so on.
  • Card details will also be prompted like Card number, card type, CVV number, and all.
  • Type and re-type your phone number when asked upon.
  • Upon completion, you will be notified of your activation.


screenpromptsthatismadeavailableforcompletingtheprocessofactivationofPaychek Card.


Thus,thesearethestepsthatyouwillneedtofollowtoactivatePaychek Card.


The Bankcorp Bank Wilmington are the ones issuing Paychek Cards.



This article,focusonPaychek cardsitsmeritsandbenefits.


Once you activate the Paycheck creditcardfollowthetipsandinstructionstohaveasafe,healthyandsecuredusageofcreditcard.



Wehopeyouhadagoodreadingandwillhavehelpedyouineasingyour Paychek card activation.



  • Whataretwodifferentmodesofactivating Paychek Cards?

Answer – Activationcanbedonethroughonlineandalsothroughphone.

  • Whataretherequirementsforenrollmentofa Paychek Card?

Answer – 

  • card number
  • social security number
  • Threedigitsecuritypin
  • Identification number.eisGovernmentissued
  • personal details

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